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University overview

Torbat-e Jam is located in the eastern part of khorasan Razavi province and sits on IRAN's eastern border with Afghanistan. The education complex of agriculture and animal science of Torbat-e-Jam was found in 2010. The university mission is generating knowledge, expanding and localizing the frontiers of knowledge and technology to solve the regional and state problems in the city. It also accepts students through the national entrance examination and educational average. At present, the University has 3 colleges (agriculture, engineering and basic science) and offers a four-year bachelor program in 10 majors including agriculture engineering, water engineering, animal science engineering, food industry engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, chemistry,  natural resources engineering, grassland and water shed and furniture orientations. Additionally, in line with the vision of 10-years programs this complex is going to gain the necessary licenses for establishing colleges of human science, architecture and urban.

Currently, this complex had 450 students that is going to reach to 8 thousands during 10 years. The complex has 10 full-time academic staffs including 7 assistant professors and 3 lecturers that will increase to 20members in 2015. The educational and research space of the complex are 2000 m2 and the research areas are 1500 square meters. In addition, this complex has 100 hectares of land which its process of obtaining the necessary permits is in progress to start the construction of the central campus complex. The following equipment's are in operation in the complex: four professional laboratories for the agriculture and the basic science fields, a research station for the agriculture fields, an educational workshop for the civil and mechanical courses and also a computer lab for the computer field. The dormitories have the substructure area of 1000 and 1500 square meters for male and female students, respectively. In students' section, there are three student journals, four scientific community (computer, civil, mechanic and agriculture) and four cultural clubs (Quran and Etrat,environment, health and sport and music) .

Torbat-e Jam Educational Complex, Emam Khomeini Bulvard, Torbat-e Jam, Khorasan Razavi province, Iran.   

Tel: 05152547041-45     Fax: 05152537011     Postal code: 95718-75335

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خراسان رضوی - شهرستان تــربت جــام، بلوار خلیج فارس، بین خلیج فارس 11 و 13، مجتمع آموزش عالی تــربت جــام
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